Industrial demolitions


Controlled demolition is carried out using excavators of various sizes, from 2t to 250t.

Machines and equipment custom-selected for each specific operation, trained and qualified personnel, but first and foremost dedicated projects: work must be performed within defined timescales, with maximum containment of stand-bys or plant down-times, with the most stringent safety conditions at the workplace, in the context and in the environment, complying with regulations while protecting all players involve in the process.


Selective deconstruction (both cold and hot) is carried out by cutting the parts to be removed and lowering them to the ground.

A Lifting Plan and Demolition Plan are drawn up by a qualified engineer in charge of the design and engineering phase which provides details on the arrangements and devices required to execute the works, and made available to the site manager. For Longhi, deconstruction is a team game: for us, the individual who prepares the strategies and methods, just like a coach, is a crucial aspect, along with the competence, experience and skill of each individual team player.