Logistique Déconstruction Européenne

Votre problème, c’est notre problème. Nous avons la solution.

Deconstruction is not simply “demolishing” buildings and structures. It is a complex, delicate and dangerous job; it requires the highest level of expertise backed by indisputable experience. This is why, in partnership with LDE, Longhi also operates beyond our national borders: when controlled demolition, reclamation of contaminated sites, treatment of asbestos and vitreous fibres and interventions in nuclear power plants are a problem, Longhi and LDE are the solution.

Operational approach

  • Technical design and solutions
  • Coordination and management of operational activities
  • Disposal of debris and waste materials
  • Absolute respect for Safety, Regulations and the Environment


  • Cutting works
  • Special Works
  • Asbestos
  • Recycling
  • Production of suitable equipment