Nuclear decommissioning

Nuclear power plants are evolving and the new technology makes the production of nuclear energy safer but, in the meantime, it is necessary to decommission the old power plants paying maximum attention to the risks that this entails.

Longhi operates in this sector with utmost dynamism and state-of-the-art techniques, exploiting the experience acquired by the team in numerous civil and industrial sites, and combining it with the search for and adoption of cutting edge technological solutions, managed by top quality, highly trained and dynamic personnel.

There are very few companies who have gained our level of experience working in nuclear and, above all, military sites, where the complexity of the operations is burdened by strict safety protocols and categorical confidentiality commitments. These commitments are the reason that the image gallery in this segment is unfortunately inevitably poorly populated; we work in facilities where it is difficult to even enter the area, and photos are strictly forbidden.