Factory facilities age too. And land use is no longer permitted or cost-effective. Removing, recovering and reclaiming are the solution to enable industrial sites to be rebuilt and adapted to keep abreast of modern day demands.

Longhi not only guarantees reliable timeframes and secure protocols, as first and foremost it strives to coactively align its operational activities in virtuous coordination with the production demands of the client.

Petrochemical plants

Reinforced concrete and metal structures, tanks and structures as complex as they are fragile and potentially hazardous. Typical situations in which it is essential to design and plan the interventions from A to Z, in terms of both the procedures and details, which must take into account the mandatory reclamation requirements from day one.

Extensive experience is required to safely remove and dispose of chemical residues, to deconstruct and dismantle entire segments of plant systems, to recover (also economically) the materials which are still of value; without forgetting the reclamation of sites which, in such cases, must be radical, thorough and certified.

If your needs are particularly demanding, Longhi is your best bet.

Port industries

These are characterised by large and heavy structures, as well as frenetic and relentless activity.

In these cases a number of aspects are of vital importances: the accuracy of the design, the preparation of equipment, the work at all possible times, day and night, aimed at completing the job to top workmanship standards, in the shortest possible time, with minimum hindrance to the ongoing port activities.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power station facilities are among the most dangerous and sensitive areas to work in.

The protocol demands zero errors, zero risks, zero incidents.

The need for absolute safety for people and the environment, in addition to the objective difficulties encountered when working in such very sensitive areas, make Longhi one of the most authoritative partners in the industry, not simply because of the considerable experience gained on the job, but also its skill and expertise which joins forces with the latest research in this sector.


One shouldn’t argue with one’s “neighbours,” who are sometimes understanding but more than often alarmed or protesters as a matter of principle.

In urbanised areas, demolition and removal works start by assessing the impact on adjacent (sometimes contiguous) buildings, in addition to the problems regarding traffic, noise and dust.

Even in the most complex situations, Longhi has proven to have an inimitable ability to deconstruct safely by minimising the inconvenience to the inhabitants, structures and traffic in the concerned area.


Any industrial facility (especially old concept systems) pollutes, sometimes heavily, the territory it has been standing on for many decades.

The regulations in force nowadays require a comprehensive land reclamation before the site can be re-used.

Whether it refers to asbestos or dispersed oils, leachates or surface pollutants, the return of the area to its original condition is an absolute must: Longhi designs, intervenes, and guarantees results.

Chimney stacks

Among its many specialisations, Longhi has the ability to remove vertical and often unstable structures in the most “clean” and safe manner.

The gradual and controlled deconstruction also protects the surrounding land.

Explosives, controlled collapses or demolition grippers generate the fall of debris and hundreds of cubic metres of dust; cutting the elements into segments and gently depositing them on the ground (recently tested on a chimney stack 115 metres in height!) represents significant innovation and even further evidence that Longhi is always “one step ahead”.

Cutting and core drilling

CUTTING – When faced with elements that are too large to be moved, and difficult to separate, Longhi designs, builds and adapts techniques to solve the problem, even if, at first glance, it seemed an impossible feat. It even separated a steel rotor measuring almost three metres in diameter into 6 sections before removing it from the area: this required an innovative project and three very challenging days on the job, but in the end the work was completed in the best possible manner.

CORE DRILLING – Constantly updated tools and equipment make sure Longhi is capable of conducting any type of survey, verification, exploration and analysis in all industrial, civil or geological sectors.

This activity is sometimes underrated, yet it paves the way to achieve more conscious and well informed construction or deconstruction designs.

However, whatever type of intervention is involved, the quality of the procedures and the final results rely on the sound foundations that only thorough assessment work can provide.