LONGHI S.r.l. was founded in 2009 by the surveyor LONGHI Virginio who has acquired decades of experience in the management of demolition sites, reclamation of asbestos polluted structures and the environmental reclamation of contaminated sites.

Thanks to its extensive experience and expertise, Longhi S.r.l. has already achieved a consolidated position of deep respect in Italy and Europe thanks to its technical skills in dealing with deconstruction activities.

LONGHI S.r.l. is currently divided into 3 separate divisions:

The activities carried out by Longhi Srl are particularly delicate and require: machines and equipment custom-selected for each specific operation, trained and qualified personnel, and above all a timely and detailed planning system that makes it possible to create the ideal working conditions, choosing techniques and criteria which meet the demands of maximum safety and efficacy. In fact, the work must be performed within defined timescales, with maximum containment of stand-bys or plant down-times, with the most stringent safety conditions at the workplace, in the context and in the environment, complying with all mandatory and voluntary standards while protecting all players involve in the process.